The extensions allow you to divert or transfer the calls received in your Infocaller number.

In the Extensions tab, we find all extensions both individual and group.

With Infocaller Pro you can use Call Transfer to all the extensions you have registered.

You can control calls on landline and mobile extensions using phone dialing. Here we show you how to do it:

• dial "0" to put the call on hold

• dial "8" to suspend the commands by dialing in the rest of the call. For example, if when making a call you are asked to enter some numerical data by dialing, it is necessary to first dial 8 and then the rest of the numbering. Note that in the rest of the call you can no longer use dialing to control the call.

Once on hold:

• dial "0" to return to the call

• dial the extension number you want to talk to and / or transfer the call

While talking with an interlocutor and holding the other party on hold:

• dial "0" to put the caller on hold and connect the other call

• hang up to transfer the call

• If the caller cannot answer the call, does not answer or skips an answering machine, dial "9" to finish that transfer and speak again with the party that was waiting.

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