A voice mailbox allows you to record messages on the calls you receive in your Infocaller service. You can define as many answering machines as necessary for your application.

When you receive a message on an Infocaller answering machine, you can configure messages by SMS and by email. The email notification can include the message itself in a WAV file that you can listen to on your computer. It also has a telephone service to listen to the messages of your answering machine.

In Infocaller, an answering machine can be associated with a telephone EXTENSION or its use can be selected from a RULE or a script.

When the answering machine is associated with a RULE OR script, the call will always be answered at the chosen answering machine, regardless of its Status (configurable as will be seen below). If the answering machine is associated with an EXTENSION, the activation of the answering machine will depend on the result of the EXTENSION (see the description of EXTENSION below).

"Name": A short name to identify the answering machine where it is used: rules, calls, scripts.

“Description”: Optional description of the answering machine.

“Password”: This numerical password will be used to listen to messages by telephone.

“Status”: The answering machine status is only valid when associated with an EXTENSION. If it is not associated with an EXTENSION, the State is ignored.

The possible states are:

    Busy or no answer: The answering machine is activated when the Call to which the communication of your Infocaller service is intended does not answer or communicate.

    Off: The answering machine associated with an EXTENSION is not activated, even if the EXTENSION does not answer or communicate.

    Always on: In this case, the associated EXTENSION is not performed and the communication is routed directly to the answering machine.

"Alerts": Infocaller can issue notices every time a message is received on the answering machine, which can be by email or SMS.

"Greating": This is the answering machine's message, which typically ends with "leave your message after hearing the signal." You can choose the standard message with a virtual voice of your choice or you can choose one of the MESSAGES previously defined in the service.

“Maximum duration of recording”: This field is used to limit the duration of the message. The maximum duration allowed is 5 minutes 45 seconds.