To send to a significant number of destinations, it is best to create a contact list. To do this you must choose if you will upload a list in Excel or you will be adding the data manually on our website.

If you have a list in Excel that you want to import, we recommend the following:

Save it in 'Excel 5.0 / 95' format before starting the process. All cells in the spreadsheet must be in text format. The fax or mobile columns must be entered in the international format, that is, starting with “+” and including the country code (for example for Spain: + 34XXXXXXXXX). Separation characters (bar, period, space and hyphen) will be automatically deleted.

  1. You must identify yourself in “Log in” with your email and password
  2. Then select the "Send"/ "Lists and contacts" option
  3. In Send a list choose your service.
  4. Click on “Create a new list” where a new screen will open asking for the name of the list that we want to create first
  5. Then we will find “Definition of the fields in the list”, where you will be asked to enter the names and type of the columns where the data will be hosted
  6. If you want to upload the Excel file you will have to write the name of the columns of the file:
  7. Example: If in the Excel file there are names of people in the first column we can name the first field "Contact" and mark "Other", the second field "Company" and we will mark "Others", a third field "Fax Number" and we mark "Fax" (or if it is mobile, we call it mobile and we mark "mobile")
  8. With this we have created the database that is currently empty but the fields are defined
  9. In the next option “Loading the data from the list”, choose if you want to enter the data manually or if you have a database in Excel from where they can be loaded
  10. If you choose to load from Excel, the format must be an Excel sheet without a header and with the data ordered in the same order in which we have named in “Defining the fields of a list”
  11. As we can see in the example of the Excel file, the name of the columns has been omitted and the data entered directly    * If your list is a single "mobile" column, you must enter a mobile type and in your Excel file only the mobile numbers should be noted in the column.
  12. If you have chosen the option to enter data using an Excel file and we have already saved the file with the data as explained, click on the "Browse" button to select the file with the data. Press the continue button.
  13. A screen will appear with valid and erroneous records. Press the "Continue" button. And a screen will appear where it will show us the data that were in the Excel sheet with the corresponding headings and we already have the list created.
  14. If you want to update the list through the Excel sheet, we must take into account that each time we download the information, the previous data will be deleted.
  15. If we choose the option to enter the data manually, a screen will appear where we must enter the data and save it in each register.
  16. We will create as many lists as groups we need.
  17. To send to lists we must go to the main menu of "Log in" and click on "Send sms"
  18. A field will appear that says “List name”
  19. Select the mailing list to which you want to send the sms
  20. Select the fields as you need