This functionality allows you to configure the type and value of the sender to be used in the message (s) sent.

In short, to customize the return address there are 3 possibilities:

No personalized sender: in this case the system will automatically assign a standard return to the message. This referral can be a text or a random number used by the system to manage possible responses (See receiving responses)

Text: selecting this option can be assigned as an SMS alphanumeric text that is no longer than 11 valid characters and that begins with a letter. If the sender is personalized with text, it will not be possible to receive any response.

Mobile terminal number: in this option the sender of the message can be personalized with any of the numbers that have been previously authorized and that are presented in the list. In this case, if the SMS receiver answers the message, the response will be received directly at the mobile terminal associated with that number.

Authorization of numbers: To avoid the unauthorized use of mobile numbers as senders, they must be pre-authorized.

    The authorization procedure is very simple:

  1. Enter the number to authorize
  2. The system automatically sends an SMS (1) and a password.
  3. The user must enter that password on the web.
  4. If the password is valid, the number is authorized and can be used freely to customize the return address.

Some of the sender personalization options may be incompatible with the reception of responses, in which case the system will not allow the selection of incompatible options and will display a warning message.

(1) The message will cost according to the current rates.