Immediate shipping: if this option is selected, the system will process and begin shipping as soon as the user completes and confirms the application process.

- Deferred Shipping (Premium and PRO Option): if this option is selected, the system will process and begin shipping on the selected date and time. Once planned, the shipment cannot be modified or canceled. The system only allows the shipment to be deferred up to 6 months from the current date and time.

- Delivery report (Premium and PRO Option): If delivery report is requested, the system tracks the shipment that allows you to know the status of the message at all times.

 The possible states reported by the delivery report are as follows:

In progress: The message has not yet been delivered to the recipient, but has not yet been deemed failed.

Delivered: The sms message has been successfully delivered to the recipient.

Failed: The sms message could not be delivered to its recipient.

No information: The delivery report has not been returned by the final operator, so it is not possible to determine the final status of the sms message.

The delivery report does not imply any additional cost.

- Save sent texts: If this option is selected, the sent text will be stored and can be displayed in the activity query. It is important to note that the user must select this option for each shipment they make.

If Store sent texts is not selected, then the text will be deleted as soon as the submission is finished and cannot be consulted or retrieved in any way.

- Block list: (Available only for Premium or PRO versions)

By selecting this option the system will block the sending of SMS messages addressed to any of the numbers included in the Block List. Any included number will be blocked, regardless of whether it has been entered directly, through the contact book or that is included in a mailing list. The block list is managed directly from the link present in the submission form or accessed from the corresponding option in the user menu.