- Confirmation e-mail: Information messages regarding this shipment will be sent to this e-mail address as well as the delivery report if requested. By default the configured address is used, but it can be changed for each shipment.

- Mobile number (s): The mobile number (s) must be entered in the complete international format, that is + (country code) (Mobile No.). For example, for Spain: + 34XXXXXXXXX or for Germany + 49XXXXXXXX. If the message is sent to more than one number, they should be separated using a semicolon (;).

The system does not verify if the number entered is valid or if it corresponds effectively to the numbering of a mobile terminal, it is the responsibility of the user to ensure that the number entered is valid and that it corresponds effectively to an operational mobile phone. Messages sent to non-existent or invalid numbers will also be billed.

Before sending a message, it is advisable to verify the coverage and conditions of the service.

- List name: To send to one of the configured lists, it will only be necessary to select the appropriate one from among those displayed. If the list has additional fields to the mobile number, then the message can be customized with the different data in the list. (See custom shipments)

- Shipping reference: In this box you can enter a reference to identify an individual shipment or a batch. The use of a reference facilitates the search and classification of shipments and their analysis.

- Text message: The text of the message can only be composed with valid characters and cannot exceed 160 characters.

In case of using characters other than those specified in the table, the text received by the receiver may contain blanks and / or characters other than those specified.

The box at the bottom, dynamically accounts for the number of characters used in the message; however, if fields in the list are used to personalize the message, the length of the text contained in each field must be taken into account. If for any reason the number of characters exceeds 160 the message will be sent eliminating those characters that exceed 160.

- Contacts: By pressing the button, the contact book is accessed, where one or multiple contacts can be selected and included directly as recipients.