To listen to your messages you have 3 options:

  • By phone, through a call:

You can access the messages of your answering machines by calling: 902 50 45 75 (91 141 01 01)

You will be asked for your Infocaller number, the answering number you want to access (only if you have more than one answering machine defined) and the telephone password of the answering machine.

To access the answering machine more quickly, at the moment when the speech asks for your Infocaller number, you can continuously mark the three data separated by an asterisk:

(Infocaller number) * (Answering number) * (answering password): 902XXXXXX * Y * ZZZZ

The answering number can be seen in the ACTIONS tab, next to the answering machine's name.

To view or define the answering machine password, access to edit the corresponding answering machine in the ACTIONS tab.

The system, in addition to allowing you to listen to your messages, will allow you to delete them permanently or save them for later access.

  • Through our website:

Access "Consult Activity" and define the consultation period. If there is any recording you will see it in Data, click on the speaker.

  • Through the email account:

You can receive the WAV file in the email account, for this edit the answering machine in the "Actions" tab and in "Notices", choose by email and write down your email.