Here are the steps to follow to make a detour to one or more mobile or landline phones and activate a voice mail or message in case you do not answer or communicate, in the morning and afternoon hours and for the rest of the cases the voice mail is always activated.

  1. You must access our website and identify yourself with your email and password
  2. Click on the Configure and then in your number
  3. Go to "Extension Tab" and "Add extension"
  4. Write the mobile number (s) to which the diversion will be made
  5. Accept
  6. If you want a Welcome message and/or Voice mail you have create it in Acction Tab.
  7. In the RULES tab, click on "Edit" and create a "New rule"
  8. This new rule will have to be configured like this:
  9. Rule Name: Morning Schedule
  10. Dates: weekly (choose the days you want the mobile to be diverted)
  11. Between: 09:00 and 14:00 (choose the morning schedule)
  12. Action: Interactive script (choose the name of the script created previously with the wizard)
  13. Press "Insert"
  14. Do the same for the late schedule, choosing the hours you want in the afternoon.
  15. Click edit (pencil) in the other cases rule and choose the answering machine in Action, which you want to be activated for out-of-time cases.
  16. Accept changes.