Steps to start using the Web Phone feature. Extension settings and user permission fields have been extended.

Access and go to Configure / Extensions / EDIT or Add extension for a new extension:

  • An extension number must be assigned to each of the current extensions. It is a number (from 01 to 50) that will allow you to transfer calls to other extensions.

  • The new “VoIP infocaller” extensions allow you to make and receive calls in the browser itself. To do this, when creating a new extension, in “Extension Destination” you must choose “VoIP Infocaller”

  • In order for a user to have permission to control the calls of an extension, the email of that user must be indicated in the extension configuration. If that user is not registered you have the option to create it by clicking on "New User"

  • In order to make outgoing calls from the browser using VoIP infocaller, the extension user must have permission to use your Infocaller numbers. The permission can be assigned in “Account / Manage Users”. The user is selected and the “Use numbering” and “VoIP” permissions are marked.