Infocaller is a virtual telephone switchboard that allows you to manage and manage all your calls in the most intelligent and flexible way. 

You have 900 numbering and integration with other applications through API. 

With Infocaller you can manage calls:

  • By diverting them through configurable rules to the telephone numbers (landline or mobile) where they will be personally attended
  • Serving them fully automatically through interactive actions
  • Combining the possibilities described above in a complete Virtual Switchboard

Once hired Infocaller we will assign you a phone number with the prefix chosen. If you prefer to keep your current number you can request the portability of your number.

You can configure how to answer your calls based on the day of the week, the date, the time or the number in which the received call originates. You can do this by means of simple RULES. And through ACTIONS, you can design your telephone service with great flexibility and power. From a simple diversion to the telephone number where you will answer your calls to interactive dialogues where you can give and request information.

The 900 numbering is the most attractive for callers since for them it is a free call and this attracts them in addition to providing a better image for your customers. We recommend that you check the price of “incoming traffic” to verify that paying for incoming calls can be very profitable for your company.

Calls to a 900 number are charged and the price depends on the number from which you are called and the number on which you answer the calls.

The monthly fee for Infocaller Pro 900 includes the first 400 minutes received from landlines and the first 400 minutes of diversion to landlines or mobiles, each month and has a monthly fee of 18.00 euros (VAT not included). Does not include calls received from mobile phones, these are always priced at 13 cents / min.

Here is a price list in relation to the cost of calls in Infocaller Pro 900:

900 incoming traffic

  • From national landlines: 400 minutes per month free. Additional: 1.5 cents / min
  • From national mobiles: 13 cents / min, from the first minute.
  • From others (cabins ...): 6.5 cents / minute, from the first minute.

Call Forwarding:

  • 400 minutes per month free with destination to national landlines or mobiles: Additional landlines: 1.5 cents / min. Additional mobile: 2.5 cents / min.
  • For hiring, you only have to access, go to hire and choose the plan you want. You can also call us to help you choose a rate or the hiring process for Infocaller Pro 900.